NMSU Policy Hub


Policy proposals open for NMSU system feedback are provided under this section.  The list of proposals open for comment may be accessed on-campus or through VPN login.  View current list

Policy Administration

New Mexico State University Strategic System Services, under the direction of the vice chancellor, is charged with administration of the operational policy framework as established under Administrative Rules and Procedures (ARP) 1.10.  ARP 1.10 informs the formation, approval and maintenance of NMSU system operational policies and procedures.

The chancellor has charged the Policy Steering Committee (PSC) to oversee the development, vetting, recommendation and approval processes for NMSU system operational policy and to promote a culture of transparency and accountability.  The official designated to facilitate and support the work of the Policy Steering Committee is the Operational Policy Facilitator (OPF).  The OPF serves as a resource for consultation and collaborative efforts, as well as maintains the NMSU Policy Hub. 

The online policy hub serves as a central repository for NMSU system policies, rules and procedures and provides the universiy community access to related sources:

  • Resources and tools for responsible administrators and proposal sponsors to illustrate and assist with the development of proposals for policy action, including new, updated or repeal of policies.
  • Access to operational policy guides.
  • Administrative Procedures (AP) provide detailed steps of key processes for submission of a proposed policy action and guidance for completion of forms and templates. 

Policy Steering Committee

Voting Postions (current members):

Vice Chancellor and Chief Operating Officer (Ruth Johnston)

Provost and Chief Academic Officer (Dee Dee Campbell, Interim)

Associate Vice Chancellor (Ken Van Winkle)

Faculty Senate Chair - Appointed by Faculty Senate (Julie Parra)

Faculty Senate Vice Chair - Appointed by Faculty Senate (Jamie Brontein)

Non-Voting Ex-Officio Positions (current members):

Operational Policy Facilitator (Ermelinda Quintela)

Executive Assistant (Gena Barela and Spri Aubrey)

Legal Advisor (Mariah Ortiz)

Administrative Procedures

Learn more about Administrative Procedures.

Looking to propose a policy action - new, revision or repeal?  The Administrative Procedures section provides steps to guide you from the beginning to the end of the proposed policy submission process.  This section includes required and optional forms, templates and other steps to complete and submit a proposed policy action. Read ARP 1.10 and accompanying Administrative Procedures as the first step to propose a policy action. Key forms and templates can be accessed via the links below: