Policy Hub

New Mexico State University policies communicate values and expectations in carrying out its mission to achieve strategic goals in compliance with Board of Regents policies, state and federal laws, regulations, and other. Administrative Procedures are issued by the relevant responsible administrator and serve as supplemental guidance to help the user understand the intent, application, or administrative processes. Supplemental guidance may include detailed steps to complete forms, templates and other requirements for effective implementation of the policy.


As the central repository for NMSU system policies, rules and procedures, this policy hub provides the university community access to:

  • Resources and tools to assist with the development of proposals for policy action, including new, revision or repeal of policies in accordance with ARP 1.10 - NMSU System Policy Framework.
  • Operational policy guides, which are components of policies and procedures referenced within ARP.
  • Administrative Procedures accompanying a specific policy, click here to learn more.
  • Proposed policy actions open for comment.
  • Approved policy actions.

Looking to propose a policy action - new, revision or repeal?  In the navigation bar drop down under Policy Revisions and Resources, select "Getting Started".epeal?  In the navigation bar drop down under Policy Revisions and Resources, select "Getting Started".

Faculty, Staff, Students, Affiliates and Visitors

NMSU Policy Hub is applicable to the university system and community, comprised of employees (faculty and staff), students, affiliates, and visitors. It provides a one-stop location to access Board of Regents approved policies maintained in the Regents Policy Manual (RPM), operational policies approved by the NMSU President maintained in the Administrative Rules and Procedures (ARP), operational policy guides which include components of referenced policy, such as regulations provided within the academic catalog and business processes described in the Business Procedures Manual (BPM). 

Policy Administration

New Mexico State University General Counsel office, is charged with administration of the operational policy framework as established under ARP 1.10, also known as the "policy on policies".  The policy framework informs the formation, approval and maintenance of NMSU system operational policies and accompanying administrative procedures.

The President has charged the Policy Steering Committee to oversee the development, vetting, recommendation and approval processes for NMSU system operational policy and to promote a culture of transparency and accountability.  The official designated to facilitate and support the work of the Policy Steering Committee is the University Policy Administrator.  The university policy administrator serves as a resource for consultation and collaborative efforts, as well as maintains the NMSU Policy Hub to include the Regents Policy Manual (RPM) and the Administrative Rules and Procedures (ARP).

Policy Steering Committee

Voting Positions (current members):

NMSU System Community Colleges Chancellor (Monica Torres)
NMSU Global Chancellor (Sherry Kollmann)
President Chief of Staff (Leslie Cervantes)
Interim Vice President Administration and Finance (D'Anne Stuart)
Senior Associate Provost, Academic Affairs (James McAteer)
Faculty Senate Chair - Appointed by Faculty Senate (Gaylene Fasenko)
Faculty Senate Vice Chair - Appointed by Faculty Senate (Vimal Chitanya)
Employee Council Chair - Appointed by Employee Council (Donna Johnson)

Non-Voting Ex-Officio Positions (current members):

University General Counsel (Lisa Henderson)
University Policy Administrator (Ermelinda Quintela)
Legal Advisor (Andrea Walker)