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This section guides you through the process for submission of a proposed policy action to request a change to operational policy maintained in the ARP to align with Board of Regents policies, laws, regulations, university strategic goals, and to address other policy related matters.  Please thoroughly read forms, ask questions as needed and review to ensure you attach required documentation prior to submission. 


To request a revision to operational policy maintained in the ARP:

Step 1. Begin with reading the policy ARP 1.10 and its accompanying Administrative Procedures

Step 2. Download a copy of the current ARP into a Word document.

Step 3. Identify and document the issues the policy and recommended solutions will address, this is necessary in order to complete the next step below.  You may use the track changes feature to cross through sections you propose for elimination. Please do not draft revisions or new policy.  Proposed policy revisions will be drafted by the university policy administrator in coordination with the responsible administrator and university general counsel office, after the proposed policy action has been approved for processing by the Policy Steering Committee.

Step 4. Submit a request to propose a policy revision by following the Propose A Policy Action link.  Check each section to ensure your submission is complete with special attention to the issues and solutions section.  The issues and solutions section is essential to your submission.  This section provides the framework for use by the university policy administrator to draft proposed policy revisions.  

Step 5. The university policy administrator will provide notification of Policy Steering Committee action  for each proposed policy action submission, whether approved or denied.  Administrative Procedures provide the framework or key process elements required as part of the drafting process.

Review and consideration for approval will be limited to completed submissions therefore, should you have questions please send an email to policy@nmsu.edu or contact the University Policy Administrator at 575 646-5191.    

Non-Substantive Actions 

If during the process, typographical, title errors or other non-substantive corrections are identified, please complete and submit the optional Non-Substantive Corrections form or send an email to policy@nmsu.edu.



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