Administrative Procedures (AP)

This set of Administrative Procedures (AP) accompanies ARP 1.10 to establish a comprehensive understanding of the intent and application of the operational policy framework. AP_1.10_1 provides detailed information and instruction to guide the proposal sponsor through the steps, documentation, signatures, and vetting required for submission and approval of a proposed operational policy action (new, revision, repeal), as indicated by the Policy Steering Committee (PSC). This AP answers questions such as: who can initiate and submit a proposed policy action; when and why a proposed action should be considered; what type of policy actions can or should be submitted; where to start the process; how to submit a proposed policy action. 

A policy’s cycle begins with the development of a draft policy in coordination with the Responsible Administrator.   Upon completion of vetting with stakeholders and consideration of feedback, a final draft policy is submitted to the chancellor for action. Responsible Administrators are charged with implementation, training, ongoing administration and timely cyclic review. 

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The Administrative Procedures template is provided, in both electronic and Word form, to assist the proposal sponsor and responsible administrator in the development of administrative procedures to accompany each proposed policy action. 

In accordance with ARP 1.10 Part 4.5, the Administrative Procedures will be linked from the relevant Operational Policy.

Current Administrative Procedures

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