Welcome to NMSU Policy Hub!  This Policy Hub serves as a central resource, with one-stop access to the university's governance policies maintained in the Regents Policy Manual (RPM) and NMSU System operational policies, maintained in the Administrative Rules and Procedures (ARP). The RPM or ARP may be accessed by clicking on the applicable bar below.


Policy proposals open for NMSU System feedback are provided under this section.  The list of proposals open for comment may be accessed on-campus or through VPN login. Click here on View current list to access each proposal. 


This section lists the policy actions approved by the president during the current fiscal year. 

Policy Title  Action Effective
ARP 9.01 Staff Probationary Period Revision 12/5/2023
ARP 9.05 Staff Performance Evaluations Revision 12/5/2023
ARP 4.55 Grades Report Amendment 9/26/2023
ARP 10.60 Review of Faculty Grievances Amendment


ARP 3.80 Hazing, Bullying, Harassment and Other Hostile Misconduct Revision


ARP 16.06 Firearms and Other Weapons Revision



The navigation bar provides the university community with links to obtain further information about this site, resources and tools.  If you are looking to propose a policy action (new, amend, repeal) select Getting Started from the navigation drop down under Policy Revisions and Resources.  You may also start by contacting the University Policy Administrator at (575) 646-5191 or email policy@nmsu.edu.  

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