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This page is intended to assist the continued efforts by the NMSU system community to enhance alignment of operational policies with Board of Regents policies, laws, regulations, strategic goals and other policy related matters through proposed policy actions.  Links to required and optional electronic forms are provided below to guide and assist with proposed policy action processes. 

The electronic forms required for completion and submission of a proposed policy action may be accessed by following the links below.  Thoroughly read forms, ask questions as needed and attach required documentation prior to submission.  The Policy Steering Committee will limit review to completed submissions therefore,  should you have questions regarding proposed policy action form (1.), please refer to the administrative procedures, email policy@nmsu.edu or contact the Operational Policy Facilitor at 575 646-5191.  When drafting a policy(2.) or administrative procedures(3.), two options are available, an electronic form and Word document (2.), both can be obtained by following links below.  Once the draft policy is at the final stage, the Proposal Sponsor will upload the final draft and a summary of the changes by utilizing the link below(4.). 

  1. Proposed Policy Action Form
  2. Writing the Policy - Draft Template 
  3. Administrative Procedures Template
  4. Final Draft and Summary of Changes

The Proposal Sponsor may consider using the following optional forms to track and document efforts throughout the process.  The completed form is submitted to email address(es), as determined and indicated by the preparer. A summary of the results may be obtained by contacting the operational policy facilitator.  Potential use of the optional forms is described below.

  1. Policy Comparison -  document research of policies at other institutions.
  2. Policy Review Checklist - track progress and serve as a reminder to complete required forms for submission. 
  3. Policy Vetting Survey - For use by Proposal Sponsor - collect feedback from advisory groups, stakeholders, etc. during the initial vetting of the proposed draft policy. 
  4. Feedback Summary Form - summarize initial vetting feedback.

During the process, a Proposal Sponsor may identify typographical, title errors or other non-substantive corrections needed.  If such is identified, the policy sponsor may submit an email to policy@nmsu.edu or complete and submit the optional Non-Substantive Corrections form below.  




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